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Vaccine Availability for Vassar Employees through Friday, April 9

We are writing with encouraging news for employees interested in getting vaccinated for COVID-19, particularly in light of New York State's recently broadening vaccine eligibility.

Vaccine Appointments For Vassar Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

Westchester Medical Health has the capacity to vaccinate as many as 200 Vassar employees per day through this Friday. If you are interested in participating, reserve your appointment slot here.

Appointments are available at Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm only. Please be sure you have your Vassar ID.

The vaccinations are being done in the Atrium building of Mid-Hudson Regional. Enter through the main entrance of the hospital and stop at the information desk where you will be directed downstairs to the first floor. Forms will be completed in the cafeteria and then you will be directed to scribes who input information and direct you to the vaccination pods.

Please remember the following when considering whether and how to get vaccinated:

  • Consult your primary care physician before undergoing any vaccination.
  • Don’t share your personal or health information with anyone other than known and trusted medical professionals.
  • Check your medical bills and insurance explanation of benefits (EOBs) for any suspicious claims and promptly report any errors to your health insurance provider

Note: These vaccines are provided directly by Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital, and Vassar is unable to answer questions or provide transportation. Please contact Elissa Chessari at (845) 431-8116 with any questions you may have.

Posted by Office of Communications Wednesday, April 7, 2021