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Workday updates and advice: budget training, approvals, more "office hours"

1) Workday 29 update: Twice each year Workday updates overall functions and design details in the cloud-based system shared by all of its customers. Workday 29 is the next update and goes live this weekend. Large portions of this update are creating a more unified system so that the web and mobile versions of Workday look and feel the same. You will notice changes in the coming weeks as Vassar adopts more of the functionality that becomes available with Workday 29, and we will further notify you about these changes as they are implemented.

2) More “office hours”: These are walk-up opportunities at the CIS Service Desk in the College Center, where people from the Workday team answer your questions and provide some coaching with the system. We’ve added another day of office hours so they’re now held every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:00-4:00.

3) Budget report training: Beginning 9/12 there will be an initial round of one-hour hands-on sessions for small groups to learn about using the new Workday budget reports. These are especially for people who have had no related training. Click here to sign up.

4) Budget info to submit with your Facilities work request: Click here for detailed instructions to follow when you submit a work request through the new TMA system used by Facilities Operations.

5) Timesheet instructions for your student employees: Click here for instructions that can be read, printed, or downloaded.

6) Training/practice version of Workday: Through September 30 there is a separate training version of our Workday system that you can use to practice different types of transactions, and you’ll have no impact on our live Workday system. **Just remember not to use this version for actual Workday activity.** Click here and then sign in through OneLogin.

7) Understanding the new Workday budget info: Banner orgs and account codes are gone, for example, replaced by cost centers and spend categories you’ll use in Workday. Still need help to understand the overall changes to your budget info? Click here to watch a brief (and hopefully engaging) slide show for all of us non-accountants. FYI: the slides will advance on their own or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it along).

8) TOPIC/“How long will it take for an approval to go through in Workday?”

Many people have asked this question during our training sessions. The short answer is that it depends on the person(s) who will make the approval, and what other work they’re doing at the time. But the question also raises the larger matter of how quickly we can reasonably expect someone to take action on such an item. The approval process begins with the established communication routine in your office or department. Keep in mind that if you’re submitting a request in Workday, do your best to work ahead so you won’t be in a bind if it takes more than a day or two (or perhaps more) to get an approval. If a matter is very time-sensitive, you can always talk to someone or email them to let them know there’s an urgent item awaiting their attention. NOTE: In training sessions we’ve demonstrated the “process” function in Workday which enables you to see exactly who needs to act on a request you’ve submitted.

Attention all approvers! Here are some tips to help you and your colleagues:

-- Respond most quickly to timesheets and time off requests, because they are almost always on the tightest deadlines. Checking Workday once a day might make this easiest.

-- Use the free Workday app for smart phone or tablet so you can more flexibly monitor your action items in Workday, wherever you are and whenever.

-- When you are asked to make a spending approval don’t hesitate to use the “send back” button. It’s important that you’re clear about what you’re approving, so think of this option as a tool to ask a question.

Posted by Office of Communications Thursday, September 7, 2017