Military veterans to attend academic boot camp at Vassar College; Warrior-Scholar Project pilots intensive program at Vassar to aid veterans in the transition from military to four-year college

Military veterans face challenges as they leave the service and head back to school. To help ease the transition, the Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) is hosting an academic boot camp at Vassar College from January 11-18. The boot camp is open to enlisted veterans and transitioning service members planning to enroll in or transfer into a four-year undergraduate program.

Founded in 2011 by Yale University graduates, the Warrior-Scholar Project runs immersive academic boot camps hosted at America’s top universities for enlisted military veterans. WSP launched its first boot camp at Yale University in 2012 with nine participants. In 2015, WSP is making a significant leap forward, opening up seats for more than 150 veterans at boot camps scheduled for 11 top schools, including Vassar, which already has reached capacity.

Many enlisted personnel exiting the military have not been in a classroom setting for several years and are unprepared for the fundamentally different social and cultural environment. WSP helps veterans rediscover and develop the skills and confidence necessary to successfully complete four-year undergraduate programs in higher education.

Each WSP boot camp is run by a veteran, and taught by university professors and graduate students. An intensive syllabus composed of both classic and modern material guides participants as they learn how to frame their ideas in an academic context, think critically, and formulate a scholarly argument. Participants not only learn the subject-matter material; they learn how to learn.

The January boot camp will include seminar-style classes led by some of Vassar’s top professors: Rebecca Edwards, Professor of History; Bert Bertrand Lott, Professor of Greek and Roman Studies; Matthew Schultz, Director of the Writing Center; Wendy Graham, Professor and Associate Chair of English; and Giovanna Borradori Professor and Chair of Philosophy.

“Vassar is delighted to be supporting this significant program for veterans,” says President Catharine Hill. “Hosting the Warrior Scholar Project is also an important addition to Vassar’s strong commitment to veterans seeking higher education. Ensuring that people from all walks of life can gain from a college education is an essential part of our society’s commitment to equal opportunity.”

Vassar’s primary support for student veterans comes through the Veterans Posse Program, its first-of-a-kind initiative to increase enrollment of vets at highly selective colleges. Co-launched in 2012 with the Posse Foundation, the annual program has matriculated 21 veterans as Vassar freshmen in two cohort groups – “posses.” It is based on the foundation’s 20-year model of enrolling underrepresented students in similar groups at top colleges, boosting student success through the mutual support of peers from similar backgrounds. Wesleyan University and Dartmouth College have also joined the program

Private donors and WSP funders cover the cost of the entire program for participants, excluding travel. Student veterans at will stay at the Vassar College Alumnae House and attend lectures in various classrooms on campus.  

For more information, contact:
Gina Bartolomeo

Warrior-Scholar Project, Director of Operations: 203-937-2310 x704

Posted by Office of Communications Friday, January 9, 2015