Changes to the Vassar College Post Office

Cash and credit walkup sales to end effective September 1, 2013.

In April, the US Postal Service notified Vassar that they intended to terminate our contract and remove the retail operation from Vassar's campus. The Postal Service compensates contract sites such as ours but has been terminating contracts across the country to reduce its expenses. The College has been subsidizing the retail operations on campus with general operating funds. After unsuccessful negotiations with the Postal Service, as well as review by the senior officers and the Committee on Priorities and Planning, we have concluded that it is necessary to terminate this service. This decision is consistent with the College’s goal of reducing spending only in areas that will not substantively impact our core educational mission.

As a result, effective September 1st, the Vassar post office in the College Center will no longer provide retail services for outbound personal mail, such as sales of postage stamps and package processing. The post office will continue to receive and distribute business and personal mail (letters, flats, and packages) and process outbound business (metered) mail. It also will accept outbound personal mail that already has the correct postage applied. Outbound personal mail that requires weighing or any special services (certified mail, return receipt, etc.) will now need to be sent at the Arlington branch post office, located on Raymond Avenue, or through any other regular U.S. post office.

This change affects only the cash and credit walkup sales at the retail window of the post office, and should have no effect on incoming mail or outbound departmental mail. Personal mail with correct postage may still be left with the Vassar post office for inclusion with outgoing Vassar mail. FedEx shipping for College business will still be provided through the Purchasing department and the on-campus FedEx drop box will remain in service.

We expect that the USPS may also change the daily schedule for pickup and delivery of mail at Vassar, perhaps reducing it to only one visit per day. Should this occur, we will notify the campus community and provide tips to help ensure the timely processing of your mail.

We acknowledge that the conversion of our post office to a college mail room will inconvenience many members of the community, and especially our students. We ask for your patience as we undertake this transition and adjust our services to best serve the needs of the Vassar community without direct reliance on having a US Post Office on campus.

President Hill
Stephen Rock, Acting Dean of the Faculty
Stephen Dahnert, Associate Vice President and Director of Investments
Marianne Begemann, Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources
Christopher Roellke, Dean of the College

Posted by Office of Communications Monday, August 19, 2013