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Order flowers for the Mental Health Association Anemone Sale by April 11, 2008

Flowers Can Play An Important Role in Our Lives

Everyone enjoys the beauty of flowers, but now there is evidence that flowers can do so much more than give us a few moments of visual satisfaction. Recent behavioral studies conducted by Nancy Etcoff, PhD of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have uncovered that just being around flowers triggers uplifting emotions, calms anxiety, lessens negativity, boosts energy levels and productivity, and increases levels of compassion and kindness for others.

Considering the fast-paced and highly stressed lifestyles most of us lead today, we all need ways to improve our emotional health and well-being. At the MHA, we strive to reduce stress year-round for all those we serve, but are pleased to find that the annual Anemone Sale has a greater impact on people's lives than previously thought.

Take part in this year's fund-raiser to inexpensively improve your outlook, or the outlook of someone you know.

Anemones are $10 per bouquet (ten stems), and vases are $3.50 each.

Place your order by email to by April 11th. Send me your name, phone number, and the number of bouquets and vases you want. Pay by check, made out to MHA Anemones and sent to Box 706, or cash. Pick up your order on April 21rd at Metcalf House, Front Office, 12:30-2:00 pm. Thank you for your support!

Posted by Office of Communications Thursday, April 3, 2008