Stop Sweeping Us - We Are Not Trash


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


5:00 pm


Taylor Hall 203-Auditorium

Theater of the POOR presentation of Poverty Scholarship, Poor People-led Theory, Art, Words, and Tears Across Mama Earth with Lisa (Tiny) Grey-Garcia and Leroy Moore

Challenging Academia, Media and Research:

The worlds of academia, research and media has a rigid notion of who should be heard, what is a scholar and what is considered a valid form of data collection, media production and research. In this section, the poverty, race, disability, youth, migrant and indigenous scholars challenge the rigid concept of the canon, of scholarship itself and who should be heard and recognized.

Sponsored by Africana Studies Program, Office of The Dean of Faculty, American Studies Program, Office of The Dean of the College, Department of Political Science, Department of Education and Department of Sociology

Primavera Ward

Africana Studies Program