Mandy Barrington


Friday, September 13, 2019


3:00 pm


Taylor Hall 203-Auditorium

LECTURE: Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body

Open to the Campus Community

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This lecture will be presented by Mandy Barrington, Senior Lecturer in Costume for the Arts University of Bournemouth, in Bournemouth England. Her research into historical clothing and garment proportion has enabled her to develop a new and highly accessible system to draft historical patterns for a modern body shape. Mandy Barrington has written two books, both published through Routledge, that are currently used in education and industry across the globe. The first published in 2015, Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body and her second volume, Stays and Corsets Volume 2: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body, published in 2018. She is currently working on a third book which focuses on historical underpinnings, paniers, crinolines, and bustles. Ms. Barrington will discuss the research and study of 18th and 19th century extant garments for the process of creating a new pattern system that directly links authentic corset styles to the body of the intended wearer. Her lecture will also examine the impact of women’s corset design as it relates to various historical silhouettes from specific eras.

Reception to follow

Sponsored by the Drama Department, French and Franocphone Studies and Women Studies

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