Multi-compartment Mathematical Model of Cancer Stem Cell Driven Solid Tumor Growth Dynamics


Thursday, March 28, 2019


3:00 pm


Rockefeller Hall 300-Auditorium

Suzanne Weekes of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute gives the Henry Seely White Math Talk.

“Mathematical Modeling in Cancer Research”

Cancer research is not solely the domain of biologists, oncologists, and other physicians and scientists. Mathematicians use modeling and computer simulation to further the understanding of these diseases by developing quantitative descriptions to biological theories at various scales. The analytical and numerical results of these models can be compared to clinical and laboratory data to gain further insights. Results from these models can also be used to drive the design of in vitro or in vivo experiments and are used to develop new paradigms or to challenge existing theories.

In this talk, Professor Weekes will give a taste of some mathematical and computational models used by quantitative scientists working to understand the biology and dynamics of cancer.

Sponsored by the Mathematics and Statistics Department

Diane Winkler

Mathematics Department