Soldados: Chicanos in Vietnam


Monday, November 12, 2018


7:00 pm


Rockefeller Hall 300-Auditorium

Join us for a screening of the documentary,
“Soldados: Chicanos in Vietnam”. Based on the award winning book with the same title, Soldados provides a critical examination of the lingering effects of war by those who served in this war, their families, and their communities.
Told primarily from the perspective of four Chicano Vietnam War veterans from a small town in the San Joaquín Valley in California, this film intersects with issues of race, immigration, labor, masculinity, and war itself.
A critical discussion will follow with a panel of guests on some of the issues raised in Soldados.

Panelists will be:
Charley Trujillo (via Skype), Author of Soldados, Vietnam War Veteran, and son of WWII veteran.
Maritza L. Del Razo, Davison House Fellow, sister of OIF war veteran, and partner of Gulf War veteran.
Jon Martinez, Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education, son of Vietnam War veteran, and grandson of WWII veteran.
Jaime L. Del Razo, Assistant Professor, Gulf War Veteran, and Godson of WWII war veteran.

Sponsored by the American Studies Program, Davison House, Education Department, Film Department, Hispanic Studies Department, History Department, Lathrop House, Latin American & Latino/a Studies Program, Latinx Student Union, Music Department, Political Science Department, Raymond House, Sociology Department, Transitions Program, Vassar Posse Veterans Program, and Women’s Studies Program.

For more information and/or questions, please contact Jaime L. Del Razo, Assistant Professor of Education, at

Lindsay Dalpiaz

Education Department