Daniel Finch-Race Lecture


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


5:30 pm


Taylor Hall 203-Auditorium

Dr Daniel Finch-Race
Vice Chancellor Fellow, Bristol University, UK
Environmental Humanities Visiting Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, IASH

How might Gustave Flaubert's writings help to "make our planet great again," in the words of Président Macron, Flaubert's letters contain several references to environmental matters, particularly in northern France. This attentiveness to regional geography comes to the fore in Madame Bovary and L'Éducation sentimentale during the rendering of Yonville-L'Abbaye and Nogentsur-Seine. Three elements are fundamental to each place's identity: landways, riverine features, and gardens. These aspects are ripe for consideration through the environmental humanities in the form of material ecocriticism. Dr. Finch-Race's reading ultimately aims to raise awareness of rural France's ecological circumstances on the cusp of industrial modernity.

Phyllis Post

French and Francophone Studies Department