Pride With Prejudice: Exposing the Pinkwashing Agenda with Stephanie Skora


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


8:00 pm


Taylor Hall 203-Auditorium

Pinkwashing, the attempt to cover up the human rights abuses of the Israeli State by pointing to it's liberal record on LGBTQ rights, is a hot-button topic of discussion in queer and trans spaces across the country. From the Chicago Dyke March, to college campuses around the country, there are as many debates as about pinkwashing as there are pieces of misinformation about the issue. Pride With Prejudice, a nationally-recognized comprehensive curriculum on pinkwashing, seeks to cut through the noise and deliver an informative, engaging, and activating workshop on pinkwashing, its major tropes, pinkwashing organizations, and how to take action to prevent queer and trans bodies to be mobilized to justify apartheid.

Campus Community.

Ally Fernandez

Jewish Voice for Peace at Vassar College (pre-org)