Dan Fishback: What Happens When an Anti-Zionist Jew Decides to Exist


Saturday, April 14, 2018


5:30 pm


Sanders Classroom 212-Spitzer Auditorium

In 2016, the American Jewish Historical Society canceled a reading of Dan Fishback's play "Rubble Rubble," after a right-wing smear campaign attacked his opposition to Israeli apartheid and his membership in Jewish Voice for Peace. The scandal was covered by The New York Times, and within three days, Fishback had surpassed his fundraising goal to mount an independent reading. In "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN AN ANTI-ZIONIST JEW DECIDES TO EXIST?," Fishback will discuss his play's cancelation, BDS, anti-Semitism (both real and fake), and the larger Jewish civil war over Israel/Palestine, which is, ironically, a major theme of his canceled play. He will tell stories from his research trip in Israel/Palestine (including Grindr snapshots), present moments from his canceled play, and speak specifically to the fraught role of the anti-Zionist Jew in Jewish families, Jewish communities, and the wider world.

Campus Community.

Henry Rosen

Jewish Voice for Peace at Vassar College (pre-org)