Pauline Newman '47 Distinguished Speaker, Jennifer Doudna


Thursday, April 5, 2018


5:00 pm


Sanders Classroom 212-Spitzer Auditorium

Jennifer Doudna, Professor and HHMI Investigator at UC Berkeley, will give a lecture titled "CRISPR-Cas Gene Editing: Biology, Technology and Ethics,” on Thursday, April 5 at 5:00pm in Sanders Classroom, Spitzer Auditorium. This event is free and open to the public.

Gene editing with CRISPR technology is transforming biology. Understanding the underlying chemical mechanisms of RNA-guided DNA and RNA cleavage provides a foundation for both conceptual advances and technology development. Doudna will discuss how bacterial CRISPR adaptive immune systems inspire creation of powerful genome editing tools, enabling advances in both fundamental biology and applications in medicine. She will also discuss the ethical challenges of these applications.

An internationally renowned professor of Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology at U.C. Berkeley, Doudna and her colleagues rocked the research world in 2012 by describing a simple way of editing the DNA of any organism using an RNA-guided protein found in bacteria. This technology, called CRISPR-Cas9, has opened the floodgates of possibility for human and non-human applications of gene editing, including assisting researchers in the fight against HIV, sickle cell disease, and muscular dystrophy.

This event is sponsored by the Science, Technology, and Society Program (STS).

Alison Mateer

Science Technology and Society Program