The Art of Living: Practices for Flourishing in a Fractured World


Thursday, February 22, 2018


7:00 pm


College Center Villard Room

How do practices -- the simple things we do each day -- shape a way of life?

Professor Stephanie Paulsell from Harvard Divinity School will open the program by introducing the concept of "practice" as a shared way of addressing basic human needs—actions that are both generative in themselves and that qualitatively transform our experience of time.

Following Paulsell’s talk, faculty will share approaches to some of the simple daily practices--writing, moving, reading, contemplation and activism--that bring them meaning, healing, friendship, and joy. With Paul Kane, Carolyn Palmer, Akta Kaushal, Shane Slattery-Quintilla, and Vanessa Zoltan.

Sam Speers

Religious and Spiritual Life Office