Elisabeth Ubbe: Sweedish Artist and Activist on Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage, and Cross Cultural Breast Feeding


Tuesday, November 28, 2017


5:30 pm


College Center Villard Room

Elisabeth Ubbe is an award-winning photojournalist whose work focuses on womens issues, equality, social justice and sustainable development. In recent years, her work has increasingly focused on art. Elisabeth graduated from the Nordic School of Photography, Bishop-Arno in June 2016, after a long career as a midwife. Elisabeth's work has been published in widespread national publications and media and also internationally. She has reported, among other things, about the drug war in Mexico from a women's perspective, about gender equality work in South Africa. And from Turkey on the border to Syria, about girls and women sold as co-wives to Turkish men and
about children who have been IS recruits.
In 2014 she produced and released the exhibition and photo book The Invisible
Breasts, about breastfeeding and breasts. Elisabeth is currently working on a
book project on female genital mutilation and has produced an exhibition with
pictures and an audio story on the subject.
With her background as midwife, she strives to highlight issues that are
tabooed to create conversation and room for change.
Join us October 28th to hear Elisabeth speak about issues concerning Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage, as well as speak about breast feeding across cultures.

Grace Roebuck