How Do we Get Out of Hell? Dante's way. A talk on Dante's comedy


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


5:30 pm


New England Building 105-Lecture/Seminar Room

How Do We Get Out of Hell? Dante’s way. A Talk on Dante's Comedy

Filippo Gianferrari, Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Italian
Wednesday November 1st, 6 pm, NE 105

We all know that life can be hell at times. But how do we happen to get “lost in a dark wood”? How does the world around us become hellish? Are we alone responsible for our existential crises? Or are people and their surroundings inextricably tied together? Dante’s Comedy comes to us today, in our time of political, social, and existential uncertainty, to challenge our views on what makes individual and collective life torturous. But the Comedy also claims that there’s a way out of hell…

Melissa Connor

Italian Department