Conservation Leaders of Tomorrow Conference


Wednesday, April 19, 2017


12:00 pm


College Center Villard Room

Lecture for students only. Ends at 5pm.

The Conservation Leaders of Tomorrow Conference will focus on answering questions and identifying opportunities and current challenges in the Conservation Field for our students, faculty, educators and local community members. The day will begin with a luncheon for students and faculty, followed by two panel sessions discussing career options and leadership skill development in the conservation field.

Panelists include Vassar alumnae noted for their contributions to conservation, including among others: Liz Putnam ’55, founder of the SCA, Karin Limburg '77 Professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Dr. Alan Tousignant ’84, Director of the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School, Adam Green ‘95, Founder and Executive Director of Rocking the Boat, and Maria Garcia '15 Communications Associate with The Open Space Institute There will be a keynote address by Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, a preeminent conservation biologist, Wednesday evening following the conference.

Jennifer Rubbo

The Environmental Cooperative