Protecting Immigrant Communities in the Age of Trump (Peter Markowitz, Professor of Law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law)


Monday, February 13, 2017


7:00 pm


Rockefeller Hall 300-Auditorium

The election of Donald Trump has prompted waves of anxiety across many communities in the United States but immigrant communities are uniquely vulnerable in these early days on the new administration. During the presidential campaign, Trump exploited nationalist and xenophobic rhetoric targeted at Muslim and Latinx immigrants in particular. His early appointments signal an intention to follow through on his campaign rhetoric with a new era of abusive immigration enforcement measures. Simultaneously, however, local and state jurisdictions that value their immigrant communities have voiced an heightened resolve to use all means at their disposal to shelter immigrants from misguided enforcement practices. Likewise, immigrant communities and their allies are mobilizing legal and organizing resources to push back against any attack on immigrant rights. This lecture will explore the types of changes to immigration policy that Trump and his appointees have espoused and the types of resistance that immigrant communities and local and state governments could employ in response.

Jannette Swanson

Career Development Office